Many studies have demonstrated that creatine increases the reserves of Phosphocreatine (PC) at the muscular level, and therefore of ATP.

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is the energy molecule that the muscle uses during high-intensity and short-duration efforts, so supplementation with creatine increases the energy supply to the muscles, as well as facilitating the resynthesis of phosphocreatine (PC).

All this translates into increased strength and improved recovery capacity between sets, which allows you to increase the intensity of your workouts to improve yourself day after day.

Creatine transport from blood to muscles

ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate: Keeps the body energy. For every movement, the body needs ATP.

In the case of energy demand, it is transformed to ADP = adenosine diphosphate. The split phosphate produces energy.

CK = Creatine Kinase. An enzyme is involved in the supply of energy.

PCr = Phospho-Creatine = temporary energy storage if the ATP is used up.

Crn = Creatinine = decomposition product of creatine. Only negligible amounts in KREA-GENIC®.

KREA-GENIC® is optimally absorbed.

At a supply of 3 g KREA-GENIC®, only a very small part is transformed into Creatinine (Crn). 33% of "common" creatine on the other hand is being transformed into Creatinine.