During intense anaerobic exercise, lactic acid is produced and muscle pH level decreases. As a consequence, the energy supply to the muscle is limited. Calcium, very important for muscle contraction, can be absorbed in the muscle cells only in a limited quantity. Some enzymatic activities cannot take place in a result of an acidic intracellular environment. And, therefore, the body's energy reserve (ATP) decreases.

All this leads to muscle failure - you cannot able to complete another rep with good form because the muscle is exhausted.

KREA-GENIC® delays muscle failure and allows you to prolong the time of doing exercise to failure: to perform more reps, lift the weight more times, than usual. Thus, you get the opportunity to load muscles significantly longer and harder.

KREA-GENIC® is much more effective than creatine monohydrate:

Thanks to double protection, the bioavailability of KREA-GENIC® is much higher than that of regular single-buffered creatine. This means KREA-GENIC® produces more ATP (and therefore more energy!) than the same amount of regular creatine.

Both acidic buffers of KREA-GENIC® prevent a rapid drop of muscle pH, thereby protecting the muscles from reaching the critical acidic pH level.


Blood pH ( Muscle pH) during weight lifting workout

With KREA-GENIC® muscle pH both drop much less (during exercise) and recover much faster (after exercise).

Red line: KREA-GENIC®
Grey line: PLACEBO


The recovery time between sets during weight lifting workout

With KREA-GENIC® the recovery period is significantly shorter. The next exercise can be started more quickly.


Thus, the studies prove that KREA-GENIC® helps:

  • Train much longer in the high-intensity range.
  • Reduce recovery time between sets, since normal pH is restored much faster than usual.