Almost all bodybuilders are familiar with creatine monohydrate. In 2004 a single buffered creatine monohydrate came on the market – buffered as the ingested creatine is not destroyed by gastric acid.

KREA-GENIC® opens the next generation of creatine - double-buffered creatine.

Unlike common buffered creatine versions, KREA-GENIC® is protected by two buffers:

First buffer: Sodium carbonate (Na2Co3) to buffer the gastric acid in the stomach;
Second buffer: Bicarbonate (NaHCo3) as a natural buffer for the blood.

So that the creatine arrives safely at its destination – the muscle.


Creatine monohydrate - single buffered
Also known as buffered creatine or alkaline creatine

A = Dosage can be low because it remains stable in the stomach.
B = Gastric acid can affect the creatine only to a limited extent because it is buffered.
C = During transport in the blood the creatine suffers damage as its acid buffer is used up.
D = Only few amount of taken creatine arrives in the muscle cells (low bioavailability).


KREA-GENIC® - double buffered creatine
The next generation of creatine

A = The groundbreaking combination of creatine's effectiveness with the cellular volumizing effect (pumping).
B = Gastric acid cannot attack KREA-GENIC® because it is double-protected
C = As it passes through the bloodstream, the second protector comes into action that keeps KREA-GENIC® stable until it reaches the muscle.
D = KREA-GENIC® reaches the muscle cell without being damaged and with all its effects (high bioavailability)

Double protection: it is not only stable in the stomach, but also it arrives in the muscle cell with full strength!

That’s unique. That is double-buffered. That is the next generation.


Difference between single and double-buffered creatine:

Creatine Monohydrate

with a single acid buffer

Single Buffered


with two acid buffers

Double Buffered

Creatine monohydrate

+ 1 (one) buffer in the form of a simple compound

Creatine monohydrate with

2 (two) buffers in one molecular compound

Remains stable in the stomach (single buffer)

Remains stable in the stomach (first buffer) and in the blood (second buffer)

Bad absorption into muscles

Nearly loss-free absorption into muscles

No transport booster

Quick absorption due to the natural use of the sodium-dependent transport mechanism.

= KREA-GENIC® absorption booster


KREA-GENIC® has a much higher BIOAVAILABILITY than creatine monohydrate

Bioavailability is a key indicator of drug/product (KREA-GENIC®) absorption. In simple words, bioavailability is a measure (%) of how much active ingredient (creatine) can access the circulation and reach the target area (muscle).

The higher the bioactivity of the drug, the lower the dosage it needs to be taken to get the desired effect.

This means that the effective dose of KREA-GENIC® is much smaller and more precise compared to regular single-buffered creatine monohydrate.

You don’t need extremely high dosages of KREA-GENIC® as are for regular creatine monohydrate! The "side effects" used to be diarrhea and puffy looks.

KREA-GENIC® is absorbed loss-free and stored in the muscles. Only the muscles swell and give you a dense look.

3 (three) grams of KREA-GENIC® per day are sufficient!