By using the sodium-dependent transport mechanism a quicker absorption is possible.

A molecule requires two sodium molecules to increase the "mold velocity" of creatine in the cell by 50%.

KREA-GENIC® contains the optimal value of sodium, tied to the creatine. This value "presses" the creatine into the muscle cell in a natural way.

The result is a stronger pump and tightness of the cell, even without high amounts of carbs.

KREA-GENIC® – absorption booster on board

Competing Bodybuilders are familiar with the following situation: often they are much tighter and veinier on the day after the competition than on the big day itself. The reason is the consumption of junk food with lots of fluids after the competition. The sodium presses the water and sugar into the muscles. You look like a map! Since you cannot prepare for competition every week, we have optimized KREA-GENIC® so that you can get water into the muscles without huge amounts of carbs.

Get the KREA-GENIC® Superpump! Look veinier and tighter.

With KREA-GENIC® you can always experience this feeling, without the danger of growing body fat.