Experienced bodybuilders know that muscle mass does grow proportionally to strength.

Many bodybuilders may claim that strength is not important because nobody can see it on stage anyway. That is almost correct. It surely does not depend on comparing yourself to other bodybuilders with respect to strength. The true measure is your own strength. If your workout partner lifts 180 kg while you can manage only 140 kg, your partner is probably on another level.

Remember: the stronger you become, the more you can effectively stimulate muscle growth. After all maximum growth is what counts.

KREA-GENIC® gives you a hand for more muscles and more strength.

Up to a 30% increase in strength is possible. Regeneration phases between sets also shorten. Short, powerful growth training is possible now.

Remember: higher volume cannot compensate for the lack of intensity. That means: Growth is not achieved with many sets, but with few and intensive sets.
KREA-GENIC® gives more power. Thus, you can train longer in the high-performance area!


More energy and power with KREA-GENIC®

Green Line: Each dose of creatine increases the creatine storage and therefore the speed-strength.
Red Line: KREA-GENIC® provides even more energy because less is decomposed and it is stored faster in the muscle cell.